Discover DebateGo: Try Our Classes for Free!

Discover DebateGo: Try Our Classes for Free!

05 Sep 2023 06:30 am - 12:00 am Zoom

Discover DebateGo:  Try Our Classes for Free!
Charting a Debate Journey for Tomorrow's Leaders:  A Path Guided by Our Prestigious Coaches

Date & Time: 5 September 2023, 6:30-8:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Class 1:  American PF Introduction (6:30-7:30 PM ET)

Suitable for: Students in G5+ with prior public speaking experience

Instructor: Zach Bloom
Holder of a UBC Philosophy Master's degree with 6 years of debate teaching experience. Led students to win awards at top American debate events like Harvard, Stanford, and Georgetown. Also achieved a national runner-up position with first-time novices in the August DLC National Championship.

*Limited seats available.

Class 2:  Speech Writing and Presentation (7:30-8:30 PM ET)  

Instructor: Dr. Steven
Ph.D. in Rhetoric, former coach of the University of Georgia debate team, guiding students to win the Canadian Speech Championship.

*Limited seats available.

*Secure your spot by registering in advance. For registration or more information, kindly RSVP or reach out to Belinda via WeChat: bondaycivis3

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