Socrates and the Good Life for Human Beings

Socrates and the Good Life for Human Beings

21 Feb 2024 08:00 pm - 09:00 pm Zoom

What is the good life for a human being to live? Join us for an informal exploration of Socrates's perspective on this timeless question. We'll start with the Apology of Socrates written by his student, Plato (427-347 BCE), and gently examine a few of the queries and implications that Socrates’s inquiry sparks. Let's explore three key aspects:

1. What is Socrates’s driving question?
2. What answer does he give and how does he go about answering it?
3. Does his question have anything to teach us today, or is it merely of historical interest?  In other words, what is Philosophy?  

Join us for an enlightening and stimulating discussion with Dr. Mark on Socrates's vision of the good life and the relevance of philosophy today. Contact us to register!

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    08:00 pm
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    09:00 pm
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