At DebateGo, we value the experience gained from sending students to tournaments. We not only send as many students as possible to all tournaments, but also create opportunities for students to have tournament experience. Every summer, DebateGo teams up with a university debate society to organize a high quality tournament that ensures all participants get the best judging quality and the best feedback to improve.

We are delighted to announce that the 2021 DebateGo Waterloo Tournament was successfully concluded!

We hope all participants have had a positive experience. Thanks so much to the University of Waterloo Debate Society and Ella Zhu for their hard work and dedication, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Congratulations to Calvin Xu and Rally Lin for winning the grand finals!

Public Forum Debate World Schools and British Parliamentary
Middle School TOC 2021 at UK
  • Two teams broke in Triple-Octos
Georgetown Spring tournament 2021
  • Grand Champion High School JV
  • Octo finalists Middle School
47th Annual Harvard National Forensics Tournament
  • Quarterfinalists High School JV
  • Octofinalists Middle School
35th Annual Stanford Invitational
  • Quarterfinalists High School JV
  • Double Octo Finalists Middle School
Georgetown Fall Tournament 2020
  • Semi finalists High School Novice
International Ethics Olympiad
  • 2021 Gold Medal
  • 2020 Silver Medal
DebateGo Waterloo Tournament 2021
  • Champion Gold
  • Champion International
  • Champion Junior
Asia World Schools Debate Open 2021
  • Octofinalist
Asian International Schools Debating Championship 2021
  • Champion
Windbrook High School tournament 2021
  • Champion Gold
  • Champion Silver
Waterloo Spring tournament 2021
  • Finalists
UBC Spring BP Tournament 2021
  • Grand Champion
35th Annual Stanford Invitational
  • Semi-Finalists WSDC Varsity
  • Quarter Finalists WSDC Novice
  • Octo Finalists WSDC Novice (4 teams)
Hart House BP tournament 2021
  • Junior Champion
Harvard WSDC Invitational 2020
  • Semi Finalists