Dear Members of the DebateGo Community,

We are delighted to announce that HARVARD DEBATE INTERNATIONAL PF CHAMPIONSHIPS 2023 (January 27-28, 2023) was successfully concluded!

  • Ethan Z. / Henry C. - PF Middle School Octs
  • Andrew L. / Kayden Y. - PF Open Sems
  • David Y. / Lillian X. - PF Open 2nd

Congratulations to the following students for winning the Speaker Awards:


  • Lillian X. - 2nd
  • David Y. - 4th

PF Middle School:

  • Ethan Z. - 7th

Queen’s National High Schools Debating Championships (in-person from 3 to 5 February):

Open Semifinals:

  • Kevin C., Stephanie C.
  • Oriana Z., Lillian L.

Open Quarterfinals:

  • Kenneth C.
  • Alex J.

Queen’s 2023 NHSDC Top 20 Speakers:

Open Semifinals:

  • Kevin C. - 4th
  • Stephanie C. - 7th
  • Oriana Z. - 12th
  • Lillian L. - 12th
  • Alex J. - 19th

At Debate Go, we create opportunities for students not only to learn debate with the best debate coaches and debaters from all over the world, but also to compete in high quality tournaments. Thanks to all #DebateGoers for taking part in the competition. Thanks so much to our coaches and supporting team for their hard work and dedication!

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