Curriculum roadmap

DebateGo has developed a challenging and rewarding course progression that is designed to take students step-by-step through the key skills that will empower them to become effective learners and communicators.

We have structured the cognitive perspective of curriculum according to the needs of different students at different ages. Our programs are suitable for beginners as well as high-level debaters who want to further their learnings. Through study and debate, students engage in reading to accumulate general knowledge across disciplines; they learn to listen actively and practice deliberately with coaches’ guidance and feedback; importantly, they learn to identify assumptions and take part in competition to support informed decision making.


Public Speaking

PS Level 1 is suitable for students who are embarking on their first experience of formal training in public speaking. This level is ideal for students who have demonstrated proficiency in English and a willingness to communicate and engage with classmates.

Students learn the fundamentals of storytelling, including building character narratives and perspectives as well as delivering narratives using dynamic structures and body language. This course also introduces students to interpretive reading, persuasive speaking, prepared speeches and improvisation.

PS Level 2 is a full semester course in which students build on the skills taught in PS1 through more challenging exercises. By the end of PS2 students will have covered all elements necessary to attend most publicly speaking competitions.


Public Forum

PF Level 1 is suitable for Students who are in the beginning stages of their public speaking and debate learning journeys. This class is designed for younger students who may struggle with jumping right into impromptu debating. The course focuses on teaching argumentation and refutation through Public Forum and repetition of the same topic(s). The goal is to prepare students for PF2 classes. After completing PF2 students should be prepared to enter competitions with more challenging resolutions and join a PF Competition class or move into impromptu debating.

PF Level 2 is a more intensive version of PF1. The practice motions are more challenging and are similar to motions used at some PF competitions. Students will also be taught more advanced debate techniques including using online tools for case building, framing, and burdens.

PF Accelerated is designed for students who have learned the fundamentals of debate and plan to get into competitive public forum debate after one semester. Students will go over the PF1 curriculum at an accelerated pace and study PF2 curriculum with more advanced topics.

PF Competition Class includes a formal introduction to competitive PF debating. It gives students the opportunity to explore and experience multiple PF tournaments (previous events include Harvard, Stanford and Georgetown). These classes focus specifically on the prepared resolutions for upcoming events. Students work closely with their coach to build and practice their cases so that they can do as well as possible in their competitions.


British Parliamentary

BP Jr Program is designed for students grade 7 and younger who are new to debate. There are no prerequisites, but students in grades 6 and lower may struggle to keep up with the curriculum. Emphasis is placed on teaching students British Parliamentary style. Students with familiarity with debate, particularly BP style debating, can take advantage of our trial class program to determine an appropriate level to join.

BP Open Program is designed for students grade 8 and older who are new to debate. Students who have completed some BP training can take advantage of our trial class program to determine an appropriate level to join.

BP Elite Program consists of 4 levels, and is by invitation only. Students go through 8 levels at an accelerated pace.

Build Your Own Class

Challenged to divide your time between specific activities? No worries! Take advantage of our expertise and small-class size, create learning experiences with our engaging curriculum at a time that best-fit your schedule. We offer virtual classes for small groups taught by experienced DebateGo instructors.

Working with fewer students strengthens the instructor-student relationship, encourages students to build confidence, and promotes an interest in friendships. Individualized attention ensures students learning needs are well supported.

How to build your own classes? Small groups consist of at least 6 students. You may form your own group; or reach out to our program coordinator at or via WeChat wechat to form a group for you. Students with compatible schedules, similar interests and age, will be matched with an experienced DebateGo instructor, and your class is ready to begin.

Step One: Your first step is to reach out to our program coordinator at or on WeChat. We will be happy to address your questions and concerns about our programs.

Step Two: Provide us with a list of class times that works for you or your group. If you don’t have a group yet, reach out to us and you will be invited to join a group.

Students will then be paired with an experienced DebateGo instructor using less of a “one size fits all” approach to create a less stressful learning experience based on our curriculum.

Step Three: Once the class begins, you will be given support to access features such as weekly readings, student progress report and much more! Please contact us for more information.

Get started today! Create your own groups with a tailored learning experience by contacting us today. We are looking forward to seeing you in class.

Private Lessons

Students benefit from personalized learning plans with fewer distractions. Each student receives a detailed report at the mid-term and at the end of each term. Instructors provide detailed feedback about each student’s strengths and areas for improvement. Instructors will also assess each student’s classroom performance as well as learning skills.

How to request: email us at with your available time slots.

Featured instructors: Rudi Lof, Mars He, Joanna Nairn, Archie Stapleton, Ashley Pinheiro, Darius Jokubas, Isaac Hordiyuk, Monica Ferris, Zach Bloom