DebateGo Students and Guardian Guidelines

This Guideline enables the DebateGo Team to provide the fair service to all of our students and their guardians. Thank you for discussing the contents with your family.


DebateGo coaches will determine the appropriate course type and level based on the student's placement test and current level. The student agrees to start the training course from the type and level recommended. Before the end of each course, each coach will recommend the most appropriate course for the student for the next semester. If there are no special circumstances, students are advised to follow the recommended course for the next semester. Special circumstances include, but are not limited to, exceptional in-class behavior, tournament results and qualifications, in some instances attendance of additional DebateGo summer or winter camps (pending reevaluation by DebateGo coaches), and attendance of third-party debate and public speaking training (pending re-evaluation by DebateGo coaches). DebateGo reserves the right to define special circumstances.

The training course will be conducted according to a fixed schedule. DebateGo will inform the students of the training schedule and the start time in advance. The semester schedule should be carefully considered at the time of registering and will not change after confirmation. In the future, no complaints may be filed due to time conflicts with a student’s own activities, be the school related or personal. If a student is unable to come to class due to a time conflict, the registration can be cancelled, transferred to other courses, or applied for a refund. Please refer to the refund policy for more details.

If the student is fifteen minutes or more than fifteen minutes late, DebateGo has the right to prevent the student from entering the course meeting, due to the disruption it may create for other students. The course meeting will be recorded as absent unless the student or guardian notifies DebateGo in advance through the designated process. All absences will be recorded as a completed training session.


We greatly appreciate your support in submitting payment before the semester starts. Seats will not be guaranteed in a class for a student until full payment of the semester has been made. students who have not paid the full amount of the semester tuition within the specified time will automatically be placed on the waitlist for their selected course.

If the student is unable to attend the course due to conflicts of time or other reasons, the student and his or her guardian have the right to apply to DebateGo for withdrawal in the manner specified in Section 2.4 of this Guideline. DebateGo will, after receiving the application, apply for withdrawal (if any) and follow-up according to the Refund Policies:

If students withdraw 2 weeks before the semester start date, we provide a full refund for the course of the semester, minus any transaction or banking fees.

If students withdraw less than 2 weeks before the semester start date but within 2 weeks after the start date, 80% of the tuition for the course of the semester will be refunded, minus any transaction or banking fees.

If students withdraw 2 weeks after the semester start date but less than 4 weeks, 50% of the tuition for the course of the semester will be refunded, minus any transaction or banking fees.

If students withdraw 4 weeks after the semester start date, then we cannot process a refund.

We also accept full credit transfer, students and their guardians have the right to apply for the transfer of course fees to DebateGo in the manner specified in Section 2.4 of this Guideline. DebateGo will transfer the course fees for the students in accordance with the following policies after the application:

The above courses or fees will not apply to the short-term courses and unconventional semester course activities. Short-term courses are such as summer camps, winter camps, or other special training courses. Unconventional semester course activities refer to various competitions,private lessons, customized small group lessons, intramural competitions, current events lecture, and other activities in this category. Short-term and non-conventional semester course activities and their associated refund or fee transfer policies will be subject to the course rules or other documents we publish from time to time.

Refund or Transfer Procedures:

When applying for a refund or credit transfer, the guardian must file a refund request form or E-mail to &&


We understand that every student in the DebateGo family is involved in many school-related, social, and family activities. We are committed to doing our best to accommodate these busy schedules. However, we do not offer individual make-up sessions. Participation in public speaking & debate is most beneficial in a group setting where students are able to interact with and receive feedback from a team of peers.

Please note that all required learning material is available on the DebateGo course web site. If a student misses a day of school to go to a doctor’s appointment or for other reasons, the ‘textbook’ or ‘required reading’ is still in the hands of the student and the student will be expected to learn and review that material.

We want to provide following options to students to ensure that they can review the material with others and gain valuable debate practice, even if they have to miss their regularly scheduled practice session:

Class switch.
The first and best option for a make-up session is to arrange a “class switch.” We offer multiple sections of each course throughout the week. students are welcome to arrange to attend a different section of the same course. Because all of our courses offer the same standard curriculum, students are able to learn the same skill, material and debate topic that they missed. In order not to disrupt the learning experience of other students, agreed course switches are limited to 3 times per semester per student. Additionally, in order for our coaches to be fully prepared, it is necessary to contact the DebateGo to request a class switch at least 48 hours in advance of the course that will be attended.

Additionally, to protect each class from exceeding capacity and negatively impacting the learning experience, there are limited slots for a given class switch. Preference will be given to those who request class switches furthest in advance. Please understand, in the case the number of applicants for the class is full, even if the student submits the class switch application, we can not arrange the class switch for the student. In this case, the student may choose the same course that is not yet full in other time periods or choose to participate in the leadership club. We will not allow students to enter a class switch without advanced notice as this could unfairly impact other students.