The DebateGo summer course features two key highlights:
1. deliberate practice - for each stage, training and feedback are specifically designed to address common debate issues among students, guiding them in deliberate practice.
2. high intensity - the techniques and intensity of debate tournament preps are utilized to enhance students' interest and skills in debating.
Weekly Classes

Our weekly classes will be covering BP (British Parliamentary), PF (Public Forum) and PS (Public Speaking) contents. Upon completion, students will receive one progress report and one final report.

Time (EST) or Register first Level Instructor Start Date End Date Duration (hours) Price($CAD) Details
Monday 08:30 AM Sum-PFComp-Camp Lv1 Archie Stapleton 2024-08-19 2024-08-24 3 779
Specialty Camps

DG specialty camps are designed with prompts to activate the application of presentation, articulation, refutation, etc. With the exception of MUN (Model United Nations), summer camps are offered to empower returning students to effectively apply knowledge and technique in different contexts. WSDC Camps will also prepare students for summer tournaments.

Login to Register Level Instructor Start Date End Date Time (EST) Duration (hours) Price($CAD) Details
Sum-Lv1-1 General Ethan Curry 2024-06-09
2024-09-01 08:00 PM 2 839
Sum-JrPS1-1 General Steven Murray 2024-06-14
2024-08-30 06:00 PM 1.5 879
Engagement Camp (Lv5 to Lv7) Lv5 Mars He 2024-08-19
2024-08-24 08:30 AM 2.5 549
Organizational Boot Camp (Lv1 to Lv3) Lv1 Ashley Pinheiro 2024-08-19
2024-08-24 08:00 PM 2.5 549
Advanced Camp (Lv7 to Lv8) Lv7 Rudi Lof 2024-08-26
2024-08-30 02:00 PM 2.5 549